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Free express shipping over 599 kr / €60

Veloforte Avanti Energy Bar: Dates, Pecans and Sea Salt

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Flavour: Salty, sweet taste sensation with dates, pecans and sea salt

Award-winning flavour, handmade and a best seller with a satisfyingly salted, soft and chewy texture to keep you energised and balanced. 

The natural plant-based energy bar that you will look forward to eating anytime and anywhere. 

Why we love it!

  • Small batch, handmade, award-winning and rich in dual-source natural carbohydrates for fast and consistent fueling.
  • Natural, gluten-free, plant-based, no soy, and packed full of juicy dates, crunchy pecans, almonds and sea salt.
  • No sulphites, additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings - free from any nasties! 
  • Veloforte's mission is to help athletes realise their potential with real food and natural ingredients, and be responsible for the planet. 

The Detail

How to use

Product Specific

  • Use to pre-fuel 60 minutes before training and racing.
  • Use to fuel during training and races. 
  • Take small, consistent bites with water. 


  • Endurance sports fueling is personal, however on average aim to fuel with 50-90g of carbohydrate an hour (every 20-25 minutes) for moderate to intense sessions lasting over 60 minutes.
  • For training and racing over 90 minutes, fuel with carbohydrates within 25 minutes of starting.
  • Drink to thirst to stay hydrated.
  • Performance nutrition is holistic; consider all aspects of your nutrition plan when formulating and testing your fueling strategies. 
  • Should not be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Environmental and sustainability

  • In 2020 Veloforte was recognised by Runners World as a top 50 Eco Hero
  • All paper and cardboard packaging is recyclable.
  • Veloforte is testing and developing recyclable bar wrapping material. 

Allergen detail

  • Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies.
  • Inte lämplig för personer med nöt- eller jordnötsallergi.
  • Nicht geeignet für Personen mit Nuss- oder Erdnussallergie.
  • Ikke egnet til personer med nødde- eller jordnøddeallergi.


Dates, pecans and almonds, cane sugar, brown rice syrup, gram flour, agave nectar, tapioca flour, maple syrup, spices, sea salt, wafer paper, vanilla seeds.

Nutrition Facts English

Veloforte Avanti Energy bar
Dates, Pecans & Sea Salt
Typical Values:Per 100gPer Bar 62g
Energy kJ/KCal1709g/407g1060g/252g
Total Fat (g)12.9g8.0g
Of Which Saturates (g)1.3g0.8g
Carbohydrates (g)65.3g40.5g
Of Which Sugars (g)45.4g28.1g
Fibre (g)8.0g5.0g
Protein (g)8.1g5.0g
Salt (g)0.15g<0.1g
Sodium (mg)60.0g37g

Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies. 


Nutrition Facts Swedish

Veloforte Avanti Energy bar
Datum, pekannötter och havssalt
Typiska värden:Per 100 gPer bar 62g
Energi kJ/KCal1709g/407g1060g/252g
Totalt fett (g)12.9g8.0g
Varav mättade (g)1.3g0.8g
Kolhydrater (g)65.3g40.5g
Varav sockerarter (g)45.4g28.1g
Fibre (g)8.0g5.0g
Protein (g)8.1g5.0g
Salt (g)0.15g<0.1g
Natrium (mg)60.0g37g
Ej lämplig för personer med nöt- eller jordnötsallergi.


Nutrition Facts German

Veloforte Avanti Energy bar
Datteln, Pekannüsse & Meersalz
Typische Werte:Pro 100 gPro Bar 62g
Energie kJ/Kcal1709g/407g1060g/252g
Gesamtfett (g)12.9g8.0g
Davon gesättigt (g)1.3g0.8g
Kohlenhydrate (g)65.3g40.5g
Davon Zucker (g)45.4g28.1g
Faser (g)8.0g5.0g
Protein (g)8.1g5.0g
Salz (g)0.15g<0.1g
Natrium (mg)60.0g37g
Nicht geeignet für Personen mit Nuss- oder Erdnussallergie.

Nutrition Facts Danish

Veloforte Avanti Energy bar
Datoer, pekannødder og havsalt
Typiske værdier:Pr. 100 gPer Bar 62g
Energi kJ/KCal1709g/407g1060g/252g
Total fedt (g)12.9g8.0g
Heraf mættede (g)1.3g0.8g
Kulhydrater (g)65.3g40.5g
Heraf hvilke sukkerarter (g)45.4g28.1g
Fibre (g)8.0g5.0g
Protein (g)8.1g5.0g
Salt (g)0.15g<0.1g
Natrium (mg)60.0g37g
Ikke egnet til mennesker med nødder eller peanutallergi.