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Free shipping over 600 kr / €55
As endurance athletes, our playground is our planet, and we can make small changes to our lives that can significantly impact our health, performance, and the health of the earth.

Food, planet and the conscious athlete.

The truth is that we humans are living in a manner that is not sustainable, and we are consuming our planet's resources at an alarming rate. As endurance athletes, we have a unique opportunity to impact our health, performance significantly, and the planet's health by making small changes.

It is important to note that animal products account for a staggering 14% of all greenhouse gases worldwide. One way we can make a positive impact is by swapping our animal-based protein bars and drinks for complete and advanced plant-based protein drinks and bars.

Another way we can reduce our environmental impact is by decreasing our use of single-use plastics and increasing our use of biodegradable drink bottles. Unfortunately, due to price-focused competition, most food supplement containers are not made from recycled plastic. However, we can still make a difference by being more mindful of the packaging.

In addition to these efforts, we can decrease our carbon footprint by walking or biking to work. Furthermore, we can support brands that act responsibly, reduce their environmental impact, cut waste, and safeguard workers while driving human performance.

By making these changes, we can lead by example and inspire others to do the same, creating a positive impact for future generations.

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