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Free shipping over 600 kr / €55
Free shipping over 600 kr / €55

About us

We started Endurance Kollective because we believe that we can make a difference to our health, performance and planet through advanced, innovative, and responsible products and brands. Performance sports nutrition is holistic, connected and functional and we are convinced that high performance starts with everyday health and well-being.

Our goal is to support and empower all athletes to get more out of everyday training and racing whilst balancing busy lives and caring for the environment. That is why we only partner with a limited, hand-picked collection of cutting-edge brands that are at the forefront of human performance, health and recovery.  

We serve the conscious athlete, and our playground is our planet. We support and our processes and packaging have been optimised to protect the planet and deliver the best service possible.

Join our growing community and be part of the change!  



About the founder

Born into a family of swimmers, runners and bikers, being active has always been a big part of life, and as an athlete and coach, it is not the results that define us but the journey.

The journey translates into a love of adventure, challenge and competition. Our journey has fueled international travel, national and international championships, adventure races and a few titles alongside humbling and learning experiences in different endurance sports. 

With, no matter the athlete or goal we want to support the journey of like-minded endurance athletes through science, technology and clean leading-edge brands, whilst being responsible to the planet and doing good for generations to come.

/ Sean